In response to the project of “e-recover vegetables and support the whole people”, the second and third branches of Yingge of the Chinese Federation of the International Foguang Association jointly held the “Vegetable Online Public Welfare Road Run” at the Water Recycling Center of Sanying District, New Taipei City on December 4. VEGRUN” started the event, with 50 participants, most of whom have completed the 10K challenge. In order to run more and help more people, to grasp the wind and sunshine in autumn, the one-way 5K mileage from Yingge to Shulinshanjia Dahanxi Riverside Trail and 10K mileage back and forth.

The counselor, Master Miao Yong, led everyone to sing the “Heart Sutra” and started the prayer ceremony, and encouraged everyone that the International Fo Guang Society Chinese Association launched the “Vegetable Public Welfare Road Run”. , healthy vitality, running out of vitality, three, environmental protection and sustainability, low-carbon vegetables and the earth are sustainable, today, let’s respond to my running, you donate meals, and resume the beneficial activities of vegetables and the whole people. Before the start of the race, lecturer Shi Qingming and Tan led the crowd to do warm-up exercises to prevent foot cramps. Under the “run” order from President Zhao Yulong, everyone hung up their personal electronic bib number and held a balloon in their hands, and started running colorfully.

Zhao Yulong, President of Yingge Second Association, said: The purpose of choosing the Sanying District Water Recycling Center in New Taipei City as the starting point of the public welfare road is to remind everyone that in addition to vegetable food, “water” is a precious resource. Everyone has the responsibility to cherish and use the treasures of human life continuation, and not waste them arbitrarily.