[Reported by reporter Wang Weize in Taipei]

The “VEGRUN Online Public Welfare Road Run” event organized by the Chinese Association of Buddha’s Light Association and the Green Public Welfare Foundation ended successfully on the 5th. , National Support” project, especially through the method of “You run, I donate meals”.
Participants only need to run one kilometer, and Fo Guanghui will donate 10 yuan, and if they run 10 kilometers, they will donate a vegetable meal worth 100 yuan to benefit those in need. The Buddha Light Association donated an additional 55,500 vegetable meals.

After the event was launched, more than 12,000 people responded, and the total number of challenge kilometers reached 70,000 kilometers. Fo Guang Club announced on the same day that the maximum mileage for donation of road-running vegetable meals has been increased from 10 kilometers to 30 kilometers. It is equivalent to increasing the number of veggie-friendly meals from 7,000 to 40,000. Although the event has been successful, the Foguang Association has once again increased the donation of veggie meals for road running in order to deepen social care, strengthen assistance to vegetable industry and promote environmental protection of the earth. Count up to 55,500 servings to help vegetarians and more people in need.

In the section of “Easy to Eat with Vegetables”, “e-refreshing vegetables” has more than 170,000 servings of vegetable meals, and more than 20,000 servings of “Xiangting Come and Eat Rice”. In addition, the road run of the Buddha’s Light Society of this event is included. After donating meals and over-donating meals, there will be more than 250,000 vegetable meals in total, reducing carbon emissions by more than 250,000 kilograms for the earth, saving 134,250 metric tons of water, reducing three Seventeen thousand five hundred trees were felled.
Zhao Yi, President of the Chinese Federation of the International Buddha’s Light Society, said that he was very grateful to the public for their enthusiastic response to the road running event. He hoped that through the “e-restore vegetables” and “restore vegetables public welfare road run”, they could not only help those in need, but also arouse the public. Awareness of the environmental protection of vegetable food, taking the protection of the earth as everyone’s responsibility.