VEGRUN  starts on June 5

VEGRUN Donates the First Batch of Charity Rice

VEGRUN Green deadline has been extended to the end of August

Fu Shan Temple VEGRUN : Donating food and charity

Lanyang Villa’s VEGRUN

Lanyang Villa’s VEGRUN

Fengyuan Zen Purification Center donates auspicious rice to charity and cares for disadvantaged groups

Fabao Temple responds to the “Global Vegetarian Charity Run” to promote vegetarianism, environmental protection, health and charity

Pingtung Lecture Hall’s Vegetarian Road Run, over a thousand people attended under the bright sun to protect the earth

Anguo Temple Foguang People RUN brings health and vegetables brings love

North Fifth District’s love is not left behind, donating auspicious rice to create good relationships

Nantai Villa and Tainan Lecture Hall VEGRUN run for happiness

Fo Guang Shan VEGRUN starts running

VEGRUN Green Tunnel Walks Out of Heart and Environmental Protection

Taipei Dojo participates in charity road run, Fo Guang people run for a happy life

A new hope for public welfare by VEGRUN

BLIA promotes “You run and I donate food”, Central District Association launches 4,000 kilometers

VEGRUN  in Nagoya, Japan

Teachers and students from 18 schools in the Philippines ran for 8 consecutive days to donate food to VEGRUN

Philippines VEGRUN

Philippines Fo Guang Shan Wannian Temple VEGRUN

Healthy green living and meditation, a feast of Buddha’s light in the Philippines for body, mind and soul

FGS of the Philippine Association held a road running event at Guangming University

Run for good Health and Love for our Earth

VEGRUN 5,000 people in Malaysia ran out of happiness and confidence

Malaysia Tunghai Association VEGRUN Road Run: You run, I donate food and we do charity

Hong Kong Association’s VEGRUN Promotes Vegetarian Health and Environmental Protection for Love Run

Montreal VEGRUN event was a success

New York FGS Chinese School Summer Class

People in Ipoh, Northern Malaysia support VEGRUN

FGS in New York respond to charity and run for happiness

Bodhi branch responds to VEGRUN

Walking together achieves vegetarianism and charity; team games imply a happy life

Sydney VEGRUN vegetables bring out love, run out of happiness and joy

Europe synchronize VEGRUN 

2023 Macau “VEGRUN ”