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VegRun Charitable Projects



Date: 2023/6/5-2023/8/31

For every 10 kilometers of running, 1 kilogram of rice will be donated to rural primary schools and disadvantaged groups.


Date: 2023/5/10-2023/6/30

For every 10 kilometers of running, 1 kilogram of rice will be donated. This event will provide 3,000 kilograms of rice grains and donate them to disadvantaged groups.


In response to World Earth Day and Master Hsing Yun’s concept of “Environmental Protection and Mind Protection”, the VEGRUN Global Vegetarian Charity Road Run and Root Searching Event is specially held.

*A total of 400 kilograms of rice donated


Donate 1kg of auspicious rice for 10 kilometers of walking or running.

北市北第二區【2023 VEGRUN 你跑步.我捐糧 】

By walking through the park and the Taipei and Taipei Pop Music Center, the public can participate together. The mileage accumulated in this activity will be donated to disadvantaged groups or schools in rural areas for every ten kilometers.


In response to the 2023 World Earth and Master Hsing Yun’s concept of environmental protection and heart protection, the Jinguangming District Supervisory Committee organized the VEGRUN Global Vegetarian Charity Road Run, inviting Foguang members and the community to participate in the event to extend the compassion, care and environmental protection of human Buddhism and love the earth.

Donate 1 kilogram of auspicious rice to those in need during a 10-kilometer road run


Let’s work together to promote environmental protection, promote physical health, charity and education, and contribute to the sustainable development of the earth.

Donate 1 kg of rice for every 10 kilometers run

*Donate 1,000 kilograms of rice for every 10,000 kilometers


In response to Master Hsing Yun’s concept of “environmental protection and heart protection”. From now until 9/20, we will carry out the “Run, I Donate Food” charity road running and walking event to spread the humanistic Buddhist environmental protection and love the earth action.

Physical activities: 9/16 Baoshan Reservoir Physical Road Run, the public is welcome to participate in the event

北市南區 2023年 『VEGRUN全球復蔬公益路跑- RUN向幸福 蔬出愛-』

In order to improve climate change and pay attention to the issue of global warming, we actively responded to World Earth Day in 2023 and Master Hsing Yun’s “Environmental Protection and Mind Protection” concept, and organized a road run to promote vegetarianism, environmental protection, health and charity.

佛光山寶華寺 全球復蔬公益路跑

Mobilize Foguang people and community members in this area to join in the “Environmental Protection and Mental Protection” campaign and use the YouRun.I Donate Food Charity charity entity to help disadvantaged groups.

*Run 2,000 kilometers and donate 200 kilograms of rice grain

中華總會南區協會2023年【走向佛陀 走出力量】VEGRUN全球復蔬公益路跑

In order to implement Master Hsing Yun’s wish of “peace and happiness shine on the five continents” and to promote the master’s concept of “environmental protection and heart protection” for the sustainability of the contemporary earth, the International Buddha’s Light Association China Southern Association responded to the “VEGRUN Global Vegetarian Charity Run” event , realize through walking, return to the original mind of Buddha, and start from the heart to “walk toward Buddha and walk out of power.”


Physical event date: 2023/6/18

*Activity time: 7:00 ~ 9:00 in the morning

*Hiking route: Fo Guang Shan Chaozhou Lecture Hall to Green Tunnel (6 kilometers round trip).


Date: 2023/7/16

For every 10 kilometers run, 1 kilogram of rice will be donated





Date: 2023/6/28-8/31

For every 10 kilometers run, 1 kilogram of rice will be donated


Date: 2023/6/24-7/24

Run ten kilometers and we will help you donate 1 kilogram of rice to disadvantaged groups.

*Total donation: 500 kg of auspicious rice (5000 km)


Date: 2023/5/17-2023/7/17

Donate 1 yuan to charity for every 10 kilometers of vegetable meals you run, and help you donate a meal or medical supplies to those in need.

Nanma District VEGRUN official website:


Every time you run “1KM”, we will help you donate 1 yuan of “vegetable meals”. After running “10KM”, we will help you donate a meal or medical supplies to those in need.

Race goal: run 10,000 kilometers and donate 1,000 vegetarian meals or medical supplies.


For every 10km run, RM5 of rice will be donated to disadvantaged groups and charitable groups.

VEGRUN [馬來西亞] 彭亨關丹

Participating in the VegRun charity road race not only contributes to charity, but also promotes vegetarianism, slows down global warming, and achieves the purpose of environmental protection. Invite friends who love sports to use the power of the masses to pay attention to climate change and environmental protection issues. In addition to sports and entertainment, they can also “vegetate for love and run for happiness” together, and continue to support each other uninterrupted!


Event details

Challenge items: no limit

Road running location: no limit

Race distance:

3K|5K|10K|21K|42K. Miles can be accumulated for any number of times, as long as you accumulate the registered mileage during the event period.

Event organizer: International Buddha’s Light Association Hong Kong Association

Event co-organizers: Steering Committee and branches

Little Red Dot VEGRUN

For every kilometer run, a kilogram of rice and a kilogram of sugar are donated.

*A total donation of 2,000 kilograms of rice and 2,000 kilograms of sugar

Every 1 km will donate 1 kg of rice and 1 Kg of Sugar,2000 kg of rice & 2000 kg of sugar


Date: 2023/8/1-8/31

Vegetables come out of love for happiness, health, public welfare, and the earth.

If you run 5 kilometers, the Philippine Association will donate 1 kilogram of rice.

For health, charity and earth

you run 5km,BLIA PH donates 1kg of rice

Philippines Virtual VEGRUN

Date: 2023/7/1-7/31

Run 10 kilometers and sponsor 1 kilogram of charity rice

Public welfare is 10km for 1kg rice



For every 5km run, donate 5kg of cornmeal to poor children in the school.

 South America


For every 3km run, donate 1kg of dry food to charity.


For every 5km run, donate 2kg of dry food to charity.


For every 20km run,association donates a tree.



Run for fundraising needy families.


Run for sponsors Berlin government tree planting programme.


Run for promote T-Earth forest restoration activities.


Run for Food Fundraising for Vulnerable People.


Donate National Trust tree planting program.


Run for donate food to Spanish charities.


For every 1km run,association donates 20 crowns to environmental groups.

North America

New York

for every 2-mile run/walked by New York participants, we will donate $1 to the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City and benefit the local community at lar.

North Carolina

Donate 10 cents to the local We Plant it Forward green environmental protection public welfare group for every 1 kilometer you walk; donate 5 US dollars to WPiF if you successfully challenge 42 kilometers.

San Diego

Donate US$1 for every 5km run to the local Tree San Diego green environmental protection public welfare group (, and plant trees together


For every 20 kilometers run, plant a tree.


For every 10km run, a tree is planted by Tree Canada on National Tree Day in September and is expected to be planted in Terra Nova Rural Park.


The funds raised will be donated to the Yee Hong Foundation, which provides comprehensive long-term care, medical and rehabilitation services for the elderly.


For every 4km run, the Florida Association donates $1 to St Judy Children Research Hospital.


Sponsored Miles : 25 cents a mile


For every 3 kilometers run, we will give a running T-shirt to those who need it, and promote the promotion-Vegetarian food and environmental protection love the earth!

New Jersey

Donate $10 to Clean Ocean Action (COA) for every participate who completes 42 KM.

about VEGRUN

“VegRun” in “Veg-revival Virtual Community Run” is the abbreviation of vegan run and vegetarian run, which means running to promote vegetarianism and running for the earth. Vege-Revival represents awakening to restore vitality.

Participating in VEGRUN not only contributes to charity, but also protect environment and reduce global warming by promoting vegetarianism. 

Please invite your friends and family to enjoy this meaningful event and raise awareness of the climate change and environmental protection issues.VegRun for love, let love spread (to every corner of the world). Let this event become a part of the tradition.

VEG for Healthy Food

RUN for Healthy Life

Let’s participate together to achieve…

South America participant
North America participant
Europea participant
Oceania participant
Africa participant


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VEGRUN for Love

In response to the project of "e-recover vegetables and support the whole people", the second and third branches of Yingge of the Chinese Federation of the International Foguang Association jointly held the "Vegetable Online Public Welfare Road Run" at the Water Recycling Center of Sanying District, New Taipei City on December 4. VEGRUN" started the event, with 50 participants, most of whom have completed the 10K challenge. In order to run more and help more people, to grasp the wind and sunshine in autumn, the one-way 5K mileage from Yingge to Shulinshanjia Dahanxi Riverside Trail and 10K mileage back and forth.




South America

North America